Ben Poss

Ben has been involved in fitness his entire life. He played multiple sports as a kid and practiced Karate, which eventually led him to competitive boxing. Ben competed in boxing at an amateur and semi-pro level, winning two Golden Glove Championships and two Provincial Titles.

On top of obtaining a Human Kinetics diploma, he has attended dozens of specialty seminars and workshops around North America and has had the opportunity to train with some of the top fitness professionals in the world.

His clients include stay at home moms, weekend warriors, white collar professionals and aspiring athletes. His training style combines strength training, powerbuilding, boxing conditioning and kettlebells.


Craig Bearss

Craig Bearss is a Starting Strength Coach and former BC powerlifting champion. He developed a love for strength training at a young age and is very passionate about both the mental and physical benefits of lifting heavy things.

Craig enjoys helping clients of all ages and abilities become stronger and harder to kill. Craig’s favourite food is steak, and his favourite cheat meal is ice cream.

Oh.. and Craig can deadlift 650+ lbs !!!